InDiMa SIP Group


  • (1) Start with 3 Delphi Studies in the United States 2006-2007

with Prof. Dr. Paul Ciechanowski, MD, and Prof. Dr. Joan Russo  (University of Washington) and Dr. Martin Müller-Wolf (Ph. D. Psychotherapist and Inventor; SMO Network AG, InDiMa IP AG, Personalized Holding AG)


  • (2) Two Focus Studies 2007-2008 in the USA

Concept by Dr. Martin Müller-Wolf (SIP Group);

Executed by Prof. Dr. med. Paul Ciechanowski (University of Washington),

Statistics and Support by Prof. Dr. Joan Russo (University of Washington):

  • after approval of the ethics committee in the USA,
  • with professional external support during the Focus Studies,
  • scientific supervision concerning psychotherapeutic issues by Dr. Martin Müller-Wolf,
  • execution corresponding to the FDA regulations (which are actually not required since it is a communication tool),
  • documentation according the FDA regulations (not necessary since it is a simple communication tool,
  • presentation of results and decision to continue the project with Proof of Concept Study by Dr. Matthias Essenpreis, Dr. Stefan Weinert (Roche Diabetes Care), Prof. Dr. Paul Ciechanowski, and Dr. Müller-Wolf (InDiMa Inc., USA, until 2010, then transition to InDiMa IP AG, Zug, Switzerland, because of global expansion and to secure the expected patents).



  • (3) Proof of Concept Study 2008/2009 Institute for Diabetes Technology (IDT) in Ulm:
    • after approval of the Ethics Committee (Ethik-Kommission) in Germany
    • with Guido Freckmann as principal investigator und
    • Martin Müller-Wolf as co-investigator and director of studies



  • (4) US Study with the Primary and Secondary Factor Analysis of the 262 IHM Items

(Executed by Ypsos) in 2010

with the detection of the “10 Success Factors of Diabetes Management” (n = 1‘000), published on April 15, 2010 (Dr. Martin Müller-Wolf as principal investigator, Dr. med. Wolf-Dietrich Müller-Wolf as co-investigator; data analysis and report: Prof. Dr. med. Paul Ciechanowski, MD, and Prof. Dr. Joan Russo, Professor of Psychometrics, University of Washington)




  • (5) German Study with Roche Diabetes Care Germany and Dr. Joerg Hoelzing (n = 3‘256 Roche online patients) November 2010 until January 2011


  • (6) Neural Network Approach: Confirmation of the “10 Success Factors of Diabetes Management“ with the NNS technology (Prof. Dr. M. Reuter and Dr. S. Bohlmann):


3rd generation of NNS technology, based upon the patent by Prof. Dr. M. Reuter: ‘Segmental Neural Analysis over Time’ (“Segmentale NNS-Erfassung über die Zeit”) , analyzing the patient history and creating ‘Predictive Models’)



  • (7) Internal further development of the comprehensive approach “Individualized Health Management“ for all 10 patient groups on three levels I, II, III or in three 3 steps:
    • Step1/Level I: PHR = Personalized Health Report for 10 groups
      • page 1: Status = Diagnosis, Treatment, Medication
      • page 2: IAP = Individualized Action Program
      • ‘OnePager’=’Individualized Action Plan’
    • Step 2/Level II: ‘Individualized Disease Management’ = ‘InDiMa’ Guide System

 (5 App-Instruments for each one of the 10 groups)

  • InDiMa 1 and 2: diabetes type 1 and type 2;
  • InDiMa 3 -8 “Individualized Disease Management“ for 6 additional chronic diseases (Groups 3 -8)
  • for normal patients with ‘ADM’ : ‘Acute Disease Management’ (Group 9)
  • and for ‘HHC’: ‘Handicapped Health Care’ (Group 10)

10 Groups with 5 App-Instruments each = 50 App-Instruments for “Guide Systems“ for all patients

  • Step 3/Level III: ‘4 Step Collaborative Care’ (SIP Group development)

as innovation and complete new development of the Guide System within SIP Group (master version):

  • support of Roche Diabetes Care for the launch in Portugal: in total 160‘000 €;
  • result: an “InDiMa Diabetes Care Guide“, consisting of 8 reports
  • very positive results of Focus Studies in Portugal (Lisbon and Porto) and respective design of a specific Portuguese version of InDiMa Diabetes Guide;
  • very positive results of application studies in Medical Centers



  • (8) Strategic partnership with Roche Diabetes Care Portugal, Dr. Joerg Hoelzing, since 2012
    • (8.1) Studies in Portugal with Roche Diabetes Care 2012-2016 (n = 520) and
    • (8.2) Letter of Intent of the Portuguese Government
  • (9) In total 2006-2017 83 conceptual ad hoc Studies (small group studies and ‘Hands on Studies’) as well as case studies 2006-2017 (n = 946) and small pilot studies to optimize the InDiMa & IHM & PHR System and the Wellness, Fitness and Prevention System.
  • (10) We have a comprehensive learning system Individualized Health Management Apparatus
    • (10.1) on three levels
      • Level I Health Report Overview: ‘PHR’ for 10 Groups
      • Level II Conceptual IHM Analysis: ‘IHM Guide System’
      • Level III Operational: ‘4 S IHM’ ‘4 Step Individualized Health Management’
    • (10.2) as the ‘IHM Learning System’ with the ‘Individualized Action Program’
    • (10.3) Action-Oriented and Result-Oriented with Follow-up Program
    • (10.4) Including not only the technological aspects of Medical Apps
      • Level I: Bio-Medical
    • but also
      • Level II: Psycho,
      • Level III: Perso,
      • Level IV: Socio-Systemic, and

Level V: Genetic Code.